Autumn Hunt 2012

the participating shops of the autumn hunt

Its a Grid wide hunt, thema Autumn, the hunt Item is not for free,
the hunter must pay 5 lindens.
I will accept a MAX of 20-30 participants for this hunt . Applications must be submitted by oct. 10, 2012.
Requirements are as follows:
This hunt item is high quality in a Autumn Color, recolor a stuff from your shop allow.

Date: 20.10-04.11
Thema: Autumn
Item: 5 Linde

Your Name:

Your Manager/Shop Avi:

Store Name:

Store LM:

Store SLURL:

Store Content (What you sell):

Marketplace/Blog Link:

Appli send back to Ilaya Allen

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Autumn hunt.
A complete list of participating designer will be see on my blog: . If you have any questions, please send me a IM when I online or a NC when I offline, I call you back as soon as possibal.

Ilaya Allen

The participating Shops of The Autumn Hunt 

ILAYA  Ilaya Allen

 -Iren-  Irischka  Hotshot

  Gawk!   Mell Mcmahon

22769 ~ casual couture Paco Pooley

Garden of dreams Kristina Simon

 -no wow-  Lisbeth Gummibaum

CERO STYLE   osterhase yellowjacket

JE*REPUBLIC  Jungeun Vella

 Sassy!   ivy Burner

Calico Ingmann Creations   Calico Ingmann

Sparrowtree Studios Poses  Calypso Sparrowtree

Angel Dessous Nando Korobase

CandyDoll Rebeca Dembo

BeautyCode  CrusHer Mills

[KAMOURASKA] Lisanna Lauria

Fly Lily! Poses Melina Fetuccio

 Milk   Kattington Resident

.::CENSORED::.  Cindy Oysternatz

Holli Pocket Holli Thespian

*Tea Time*  Tea Xofan

 ~Pink Sugar~  Naila Nirvana

 FAKE  Bonnie Forder

warm animations    warmanimations lisa

(flaunt)   Suriko Leimes

WoW Skins  Sawsan Secretspy

1 Hundred.  Sira Savira

ZERO COOL Designz   Alyssalillian McMinnar

Gorgeous   Leelee Belargio

Route 666 Klip Klaar


Hint list for the Autumn hunt

ILAYA Take care for the events

 -Iren-   Potting for gifts!

  Gawk!   From this place you have a very good view onto the light house

22769 ~ casual couture   Slap the orange hintgiver on our events wall – it whispers the hint in open chat

Garden of dreams Kristina Simon

 -no wow-  „hungry swinging birds“

CERO STYLE   osterhase yellowjacket

JE*REPUBLIC  Jungeun Vella

 Sassy!   ivy Burner

Calico Ingmann Creations   Scattered among the leaves.

Sparrowtree Studios Poses   You can find me hiding among past hunt prizes.

Angel Dessous  The Autumn Hunt item of Angel Dessous will be guarded by a rat, a bat and the black raven

CandyDoll Rebeca Dembo

BeautyCode   The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and it is cold outside. Time for cozy hours before the …

[KAMOURASKA]     This pumpkin isn’t like the others…

Fly Lily! Poses Melina Fetuccio

 Milk   Please, take a seat.

.::CENSORED::.  Cindy Oysternatz

Holli Pocket  You’ll never know what will wash up!

*Tea Time*  Tea Xofan

 ~Pink Sugar~  Relax yourself on the Sofa

 FAKE  Bonnie Forder

warm animations     sit and relax on cuddle couch

(flaunt)    I am all wet and splattered

WoW Skins       we love discounted area

1 Hundred.             Look Around the Corner!

ZERO COOL Designz     „When you feel like Gulliver in Lilliput, then you are on the right place.!

Gorgeous   Leelee Belargio



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